6th National Nadi Pariksha Workshop

Successful Completion of the
“National Nadi Pariksha Workshop”
in Surat, Gujarat🌟

We are thrilled to share that the
*6th National Nadi Pariksha Workshop* in Surat, Gujarat,
organized by the esteemed
Nadi Vaidya Gurukul, was a resounding success! 🎉

Key Highlights of the Workshop:-

1.Leadership and Guidance:-
– Chairman Nadi Vaidya GurukulNadi Vaidya Dr. Ajit Singh Yadav ji led the workshop, sharing his vast knowledge and expertise in Nadi Pariksha.
Co-founder Nadi Vaidya Manju Lata ji and CEO Nadi Vaidya Dr. Saloni Yadav Vashisht provided invaluable insights and facilitated the sessions with great enthusiasm.

2. Enthusiastic Participation.
– The event saw the participation of nearly 120 candidates, not only from Gujarat but from across India, showcasing their immense curiosity and eagerness to learn about Nadi Pariksha.
– The candidates demonstrated remarkable dedication towards Nadi Vaidya Dr. Ajit Singh Yadav ji and Nadi Vaidya Dr. Saloni Yadav Vashisht, truly appreciating them as their mentors.

3. Mission:
Ghar Ghar Ayurveda, Ghar Ghar Nadi**:
– The mission of “Nadi Vaidya Gurukul” to spread the essence of Ayurveda and Nadi Pariksha to every home, resonated deeply with all attendees.
– Participants pledged their support to this noble cause, reinforcing their commitment to promote holistic healing and traditional knowledge.

4. Support from Nadi Vaidya Pharmacy:-
– The workshop received robust support from *Nadi Vaidya Pharmacy* under the noble guidance of Nadi Vaidya Dr. Mohit Vashisht ji.
– Nadi Vaidya Dr. Mohit Vashisht ji, committed to the mission of the Gurukul, provided unwavering support and resources, contributing significantly to the success of the event.

5. Backing by HEAL INDIA Trust:-
– Nadi Vaidya Dr. Mana Yadav ji, president of “HEAL INDIA Trust” supported the workshop along with their dedicated team, ensuring seamless organization and execution.

6. Acknowledgement of Volunteers
– Heartfelt thanks to the *Gujarat Nadi Vaidya Gurukul volunteer team* for their exceptional efforts and dedication. Their hard work was instrumental in making this event a grand success.

This workshop has marked another milestone in our journey to make Ayurveda and Nadi Pariksha accessible to all. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and supported us. Together, we continue to build a community dedicated to holistic wellness and traditional healing.

👉Stay tuned for more updates and future events!**
For future workshops:- 8950770385
Thanks & regards
Nadi Vaidya Gurukul
Karnal Haryana

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