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Dr. Mana Yadav is a well-known homeopathic doctor and the president of Heal India Trust, an organization dedicated to working towards health education, agriculture, and livelihood. Although she is primarily trained as a homeopathic doctor, she also learned the art of Nadi Pariksha (pulse diagnosis) under the guidance of her father, the renowned Nadi Vaidya Dr. Ajit Singh Yadav.

Dr. Mana Yadav’s interest in medicine and healthcare began at a young age, and she pursued a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) degree from Lord Mahavira Medical College, Ludhiana. After completing her degree, she worked as a homeopathic practitioner and gained extensive experience in treating various illnesses.

However, her father’s expertise in Nadi Pariksha intrigued her, and she began to learn the art from him. Nadi Pariksha is an ancient technique of pulse diagnosis that is used in Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine to diagnose and treat illnesses. Under her father’s guidance, Dr. Mana Yadav learned the nuances of Nadi Pariksha and its application in the diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses.

In addition to her work in homeopathy and Nadi Pariksha, Dr. Mana Yadav is also the president of Heal India Trust, which works towards improving health education, agriculture, and livelihood in rural and urban areas. The organization focuses on providing healthcare services to underprivileged communities, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and creating livelihood opportunities for people in rural areas.

Dr. Mana Yadav’s work in healthcare and community development has been widely recognized and appreciated. She has been invited to speak at various national and international conferences to share her expertise and experience in healthcare and community development. Her work has also been featured in several news articles and interviews, highlighting her dedication and passion for improving healthcare and livelihood opportunities for people in India.

In conclusion, Dr. Mana Yadav is a highly dedicated and passionate healthcare professional who has made significant contributions to the field of homeopathy, Nadi Pariksha, and community development. Her expertise and experience in these areas have helped to improve the lives of many people in India, particularly those in rural and underprivileged communities. She continues to inspire many to work towards improving healthcare and livelihood opportunities for all.

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