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    Aims and Objective

    Heal India Trust is a non-profit organization that works in the field of health, education, agriculture, and livelihood. The organization is dedicated to improving the lives of people in India, particularly those who are underserved or marginalized. In the area of health, Heal India Trust focuses on providing healthcare services, promoting health education and awareness, and supporting disease prevention and management initiatives. The organization works to improve access to quality healthcare services in rural and urban areas, and to raise awareness about health issues such as hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, and mental health.

    In the field of education, Heal India Trust aims to provide quality education and learning opportunities to children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The organization works to improve access to education, promote literacy, and enhance the skills of teachers and educators. In agriculture, Heal India Trust supports sustainable farming practices, promotes the use of technology and innovation in agriculture, and provides training and support to farmers to improve their productivity and livelihoods.

    Finally, in the area of livelihood, Heal India Trust works to create economic opportunities and livelihood options for vulnerable communities. The organization supports entrepreneurship and small business development, provides vocational training, and promotes financial literacy and inclusion. Overall, Heal India Trust is committed to creating positive social change and improving the lives of people in India through its work in health, education, agriculture, and livelihood.


    1. To create collaboration among government health agencies and voluntary organizations by undertaking unanimous ventures for community health work.

    2. To promote and provide support to other allied sciences under AYUSH.

    3. To work towards reviving and uplifting the status of traditional ancient practices being exercised in India since time immemorial.

    4. To undertake reverse research of the available practices and formulations through properly conducted clinical trials.

    5. To bring into mainstream and build the required recognition for the individuals who have been implementing the folk practices since many generations.

    6. To provide a forum for the exchange of information and education in collaboration with AYUSH department including the practitioners of other sciences like yoga and naturopathy, unani, sidha and homoeopathy.

    7. To organize blood-donation camps.

    8. To educate every household about how to use food as medicine.

    9. To propagate the need for plantation of principal traditional herbs including tulsi, giloy, ashwagandha, Brahmi, neem, peepal and so on.

    10. To educate and create awareness among young girls about healthy menstrual lifestyle according to Ayurveda and other AYUSH therapies.

    11. To educate pregnant women about pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post- pregnancy lifestyle choices and exercises.

    12. To distribute swarnprashan i.e. an Ayurvedic immunity booster kits.

    13. To highlight the work done by distinguished individuals in their respective fields like doctors, health workers, teachers etc. and giving them the required acknowledgement through award ceremonies conducted assiduously under a well established distinguishing mechanism.

    14. To associate with different hospitals and health workers working in different government schemes and voluntary health organizations to create better standards of health and extension of better health services in the society.

    15. To conduct training programs for livelihood promotion and to improve better well- being of the people in our community, to work towards strengthening the delivery system, and most importantly to educate people about the need of a better lifestyle and reduce the lifestyle created disorders.


    1.  To work in collaboration with NADI VAIDYA GURUKUL PVT that is already running free educational classes about Ayurveda and other AYUSH therapies in order to propagate and uplift this project to a large scale.

    2. To educate people about the basic health care guides considered under different sciences of AYUSH like Ayurveda, yoga, unani, sidha, and

    3. To re-establish science like NADI PARIKSHA that is at the verge of extinction and to elevate it to a level so that it will be included in the course study of Ayurvedic colleges and Ayurvedic

    4. To revive the knowledge of nadi pariksha by organizing seminars, forums, camps where nadi vaidyas from all over world will come, exchange, compile and then to introduce that information to the

    5. To organize skill development workshops, seminars, camps with cooperation of the experts in different fields, organizations, industries and educate them about how can they work efficiently make the best use of their

    6. To help and generate training programs, to organize medical camps, outreach programs for healthy golden years of the senior citizens and

    7. To facilitate the availability of educational, training programs, diplomas and certified courses in various departments like MDAM (M.D. in Alternative Medicines), MDDN (M.D. in Diet and Nutrition), DYT (Diploma in Yoga and Therapy), Diploma in Reiki, Diploma in Ksharsutra, Diploma in Marma,

    8.To create awareness among people, to provide counseling to them and monitor the health of children and senior citizens.

    9. To provide children of every age group with basic primary education free of

    10. To work towards providing scholarships to poor and intelligent


    1. To draw and execute plans in order to make all new researches and development done in the field agriculture make available to the farmers.

    2. To contribute towards organic farming and harvesting environmental friendly crops.

    3. To educate and encourage farmers about the plantation of seasonal and regional crops in their fields.

    4. To propagate the dissemination of those traditional Ayurvedic herbal crops to every household that used to be a common part of the life of our ancestors but in today’s time has almost extinguished.

    5. To start awareness programs about our traditional herbs and conduct mass plantation drives so that a revolution will be created at the national level in the field of agriculture.


    1. To collaborate with one of our organization NADI VAIDYA PHARMACY PVT. LTD. in order to provide livelihood and support to people by generating job opportunities.

    2. To launch products that are based on traditionally used Ayurvedic formulations especially curated and practiced by various nadi vaidyas, incorporating it with modern research that will work wonders in maximum disorders. Therefore, we will give people either belonging to a medical or a non- medical background, the opportunity to attach themselves with nadi vaidya pharmacy and generate a handsome income for their family.

    3. All our organizations, institutes, systems will work towards uplifting and encouraging them either that will be the education of the product, marketing of the product, skills about how to build customer base, how to build an infrastructure so that they can build a healthy livelihood and a better life.

    4. To organize skill development workshop, seminars, camps with cooperation of the experts in different fields, organizations, industries and educate them about how can they work efficiently and make the best use of their talents.

    5. To safeguard the rights and establish a dialogue with the government about the recognition of traditional Ayurvedic practitioners or nadi vaidyas who are always under a threat of abolishment of their practice by combining them all and to reach to the government about the smooth sail of their life and protection of their livelihood.

    6. To facilitate the availability of educational, training programs, diplomas and certified courses in various departments like MDAM (M.D. in Alternative Medicines), MDDN (M.D. in Diet and Nutrition), DYT (Diploma in Yoga and Therapy), Diploma in Reiki, Diploma in Ksharsutra, Diploma in Marma, etc.

    7. To promote and to enable Ayurvedic practitioners for better practice standards, techniques and methods in view of contemporary era.

    8. To help ayurvedic practitioners to upgrade their knowledge and treatment protocols to get superior outcome and be more efficient in new diseases that are emerging in today’s time.

    9. To help practitioners in integrating modern technologies of software so that they can upscale their conventional practices.


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