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Nadi Vaidya Gurukul

Nadi Vaidya Gurukul has been the dream venture of our founder Nadi Vaidya Dr Ajit Singh Yadav. He has always been extremely passionate about sharing all his practical and clinical knowledge of nadi pariksha ( pulse diagnosis ) and ayurveda with all ayurveda enthusiasts. He has been amongst leading pulse diagnosis expert practising and spreading the knowledge of nadi pariksha worldwide. Nadi Vaidya Gurukul is an institution for curious ayurveda seeker who are in search of traditional authentic knowledge of nadi and ayurveda that is both scientific and comprehensive. We here at Nadi Vaidya Gurukul believe that anybody who desire to learn nadi pariksha and can surrender oneself to “Guru Shishya Parampara” can learn the science of pulse

Samay Ayush Clinic

Samay ayush clinic is ayurvedic clinic situated in karnal 132001 (Haryana – india) which runs under supervision of Nadi Vaidya dr ajit singh Yadav our founder and mentor , who has 32 yrs of rich experience. At samay ayush clinic we diagnose patient by going through detailed nadi pariksha and offer them authentic ayurvedic medicinal treatment.

Nadi Vaidya Pharmacy

Nadi Vaidya Pharmacy is a platform where we are providing patent products which are a blend of traditional formulation and modern research. These product are exceptionally effective In being curative and preventive in related physical condition. These products have been curated by our team of expert working under the guidance of Nadi Vaidya dr ajit singh Yadav ji after extensive research and several trials. Our team has also successfully developed special treatment protocol for several disease and physical condition in which we provide specially design diets , lifestyle modules along with medicines. Nadi Vaidya foundation aims at training practicing doctor in field of ayurveda with this rich knowledge and empowering our health system.

Heal India

Heal india is our organization working on the mission of improving and providing
For all.
We or working towards creating a team that will work upon empowering the health system of our country, education especially of traditional science and ayurveda, agriculture with main emphaisis on organic cultivation of herbs, fruits and vegetables and finally generating sustainable livelihood avenues for our youth.

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