Ginger Lemonade
Ginger Lemonade contains ginger as its special ingredient. It provides warmth, promotes digestion and improves circulation.
Lemon , on the other hand , helps in maintaining electrtolyte balance and supports immune functions.

Ingredients –
* 1lemon juice
* 1teaspoon – freshly grated ginger
* 1tablespoon – Honey
* 4cups – water
* A pinch of black pepper
* A pinch of rock salt

Instructions –
* In a big jar pour , 4cups water , squeeze one whole lemon and grate the ginger.
* Add rest of the ingredients viz. Honey , pinch of black pepper , pinch of rock salt.
* Stir until everything mixes well.
* Refrigerate for some time and serve it chilled.

Nutritional Benefits –
* Lemon is rich in vitamin C essential for strengthening immune system.
* Ginger contains gingerol which has anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties.

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